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Client Feedback

Leadership Coaching

"New roles mean new stresses and new problems to solve.  Dain was able to rapidly get to the core of these issues with a flexible approach tailored to me -- and provide strategies I was able to use to deal with these new items.  I believe my time with Dain cut years off my acclimation to my new role, and I am contributing to my company’s success at a much higher and faster rate than I would have alone."

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Matt Trumbo, Director of Product Management, In-Situ, Inc.

"The coaching support from Dain Johnson at Rev Ø was transformational in helping me recognize the areas to improve my professional communication and planning. Dain's coaching approach is objective and insightful, and we worked with clear, attainable goals during and between coaching sessions. I highly recommend Dain as a coach."


Daudi Barnes, Founder and CTO, Agile Space Industries, Inc.

"Moving into my new role, I was overwhelmed and did not know where to be focusing my time and energy. Dain helped me to identify the direction I want to take my department, and strategies for getting there."

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Nate Martel, Civil Department Lead, HCL Engineering

"Working with Dain has truly brought new life to my career. Being relatively new to a managerial role, I was constantly feeling the internal conflict of performing my "new" job, while still attempting to be a master at my "old" job. Rev Ø helped me understand this challenging process and ultimately how to transition from being a manager of "projects" to a manager of "people". After working with Dain, I have more confidence in how to be successful in my "new" role while still ensuring that my "old" role is being handled by others on our team. In addition, I learned new tools to more effectively manage my team and work with other leaders in the company. Overall, I feel a sense of freedom and excitement about my new role after working with Rev Ø." 

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Neal Bohnen, Director of Structural Engineering, HCL Engineering

"After the very first session, I knew that leadership coaching with Dain would be career changing. Instead of trying to force me into some template, he has an amazing ability to quickly, and truly, understand me (my personality, my leadership style, and my goals) and to provide me with the tools and support to become the best leader I can be. Not only do I better understand how to lead my team while navigating the tricky corporate landscape, I feel like I better understand myself.”

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Steve Martin, Director of Software Engineering and UX, In-Situ, Inc.

"The one-on-one coaching with Dain was very beneficial for guidance and direction. The structure of the coaching was comfortable and informative. The guiding questions helped me understand my present and gave me options for my future. Dain listened intently and gave feedback, both straightforward and honest. The conclusion left me with direction and options. The information he sent me afterward is still growing my takeaways from the meeting. I would recommend Dain's coaching to anyone who is looking for guidance in what could be the "next steps" for life, career, and job performance."

Chris Lemmons, Educator

New Manager Fundamentals 

"We sent two new managers through New Manager Fundamentals together and it was an invaluable experience for them both. Dain set them on a strong foundation that they've been able to build upon right out of the gate. The structured, systematic approach was exactly what was needed to set them up for success."


Justin Nevins, VP of Engineering, OXEN Technology

"I had a great experience with Rev Ø. The New Manager Fundamentals program provided a wealth of information and tools to help better position me for management and leadership."


Sean Gains, Managed Service Lead, OXEN Technology

"Rev Ø's New Manager Fundamentals program was truly transformative for me. The program was expertly designed, offering practical strategies and insightful guidance that empowered me to enhance my leadership skills. Dain was engaging and knowledgeable, creating a supportive environment that encouraged open discussion and learning.

I gained valuable insights into effective communication, strategic decision-making, and team collaboration. The tools and techniques learned are already helping to improve morale, productivity, and overall team cohesion.

I highly recommend the program to anyone seeking to develop and strengthen their leadership capabilities. It's a worthwhile investment that yields tangible results and empowers individuals to excel in their roles."


Ken Gulick, Professional Services Team Lead, OXEN Technology

"Dain continually provided thought-provoking exercises and conversations which helped me refine my leadership skills. He helped me become more effective in my communication to leadership as well as those on my team, and to develop my own team while keeping my personal values and the values of the company at the forefront.”

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Tejal Patel, IT Manager, Sovos Brands

"I found Dain's coaching and feedback to be particularly useful during a period of time when the company (and myself) were undergoing many transitions. I learned many methods of communication for dealing with difficult situations.


Anne Branson, Project Manager, Agile Space Industries, Inc.

"The manager coaching course from Rev Ø helped me to focus on important management and leadership fundamentals. The coach and I formed a good relationship and he was able to tailor his messaging to my specific work environment. I learned about the importance of knowing my own strengths and that of my team members, we clarified how to focus on basic elements of managing a team, and I took away leadership characteristics that will help motivate my team."

Erik Anduri, Engineering Manager, EcoVapor

"Dain has excellent insight into the changing landscape of leadership. These insights are thoroughly backed by what is clearly extensive reading of primary sources, sources that he has at the ready to help enlighten others. I learned a lot about myself and a lot about what it means to be a leader. I can't recommend more highly."

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Myles Bostwick, Software Engineering Manager, In-Situ, Inc.

"Dain helped take me from an engineer who frankly didn’t understand what managers do all day to someone who knows specifically what managers do but also what skills a great manager has and the tools to work towards developing those skills.”

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Cole LaCount, Embedded Software ManagerIn-Situ, Inc.