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Leadership coaching for technical experts and engineers-turned-manager

Leadership coaching for technical experts and engineers-turned-manager

Support leadership potential at every level of your organization.

New Manager Fundamentals

A 12-week coaching & educational program for new managers to gain the knowledge, perspective, and practice they need to let go of their old job, embrace their new role, and establish a foundation to build upon.

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Executive Coaching

One-on-one sessions provide an outside perspective and thought partner to help you make rapid progress in achieving  business and personal objectives.

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Leadership Team Coaching

A mix of facilitated group sessions and one-on-one coaching align the leadership team to critical business objectives. We identify where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. Fast.

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Strategic Planning Workshops

Facilitated, half-day or full-day workshops align your leadership team on goals, strategies, and tactics. 

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Psychology-Based Leadership Development

applied learning, lasting Impact

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Learn and Leverage Self-Management

Human behavior is complex. Using the latest practical research in neuroscience, adult education, and positive psychology, we help managers develop mental self-command, create productive habits, and learn how to manage themselves first.

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Use Strengths to Manage Others Well

There is more than one way to be an effective manager. We help connect each person's unique leadership styles to the needs of the business and give them practical tools to manage, enable, and encourage other people.

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Foster Collaborative Leadership

We help managers uncover their specific role within the company and teach them how to foster collaborative and productive relationships at every level of their organization.

Why Coaching?

Rapid Learning & Application

Coaching provides one-on-one guidance for applying new knowledge to bring immediate benefit to their organization. Throughout our engagements, coachees learn new things, try them at work, observe and reflect on the outcomes, and adjust as needed.

Develop & Retain Productive People

Good managers have an impact far beyond their own efforts. Coaching helps managers communicate with, motivate, and enable the people that report to them. Organizations with good managers attract and retain great employees and are more likely to achieve their objectives.

Align Actions Across the Business

From CEO to front line supervisor, every manager plays a specific role in the success of the organization. Coaching helps managers understand their role and align their actions to the vision of senior leadership, department goals, and the actions of their team.

Expert & Personalized Support

Coaching sessions with an engineer-turned-psychologist give technical managers the chance to ask questions, process their role changes, understand their leadership strengths, and work through questions they aren't able to ask anywhere else. 

Trusted by growing organizations, including

"After the very first session I knew that leadership coaching with Dain would be career changing. Instead of trying to force me into some template, he has an amazing ability to quickly, and truly, understand me (my personality, my leadership style, and my goals) and to provide me with the tools and support to become the best leader I can be. Not only do I better understand how to lead my team while navigating the tricky corporate landscape, I feel like I better understand myself.”

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Steve Martin, Director of Software Engineering and UX, In-Situ, Inc.

Meet the Coach

Dain Johnson, Engineer-turned-Psychologist

M.A. I/O Psychology : B.S. Mechanical Engineering : ICF ACC : PMP

With experience as an engineer, a manager, an executive, and a leader, Dain has a unique ability to relate to technical professionals. Through coaching, he challenges participants in a way that educates, encourages, and grows them. He coaches engineers, project managers, IT professionals, senior managers, and executives as they create better workplaces and more productive teams.

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